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Do not forget to pray.
Do not waste any moments in idleness.
Do not use slang words in your conversation.
Do not build air-castles.
Do not think evil nor speak evil of any one.
Do not lack showing courtesy to all men.
Do not be rude in manners.
Do not think yourself to be something more than you are.
Do not try to make others think you are better than you really are.
Do not tell the faults of a friend to others.
Do not dress slovenly.
Do not work too much.
Do not work too little.
Do not talk too much.
Do not eat too much.
Do not sleep too much.
Do not neglect going to meetings.
Do not neglect giving all you can to the cause of Christ.
Do not neglect reading the Bible.
Do not do to others what you would not like for them to do to you.
Do not forget to practise much self-denial.
Do not neglect to be zealously affected in a good cause.
Do not neglect to admonish your brother.
Do not seek the praise of men.
Do not do anything through strife or vain glory.
Do not be afraid of the devil.
Do not think your trials are greater than those of others.
Do not neglect to bear the burdens of others.
Do not neglect to bear your own burdens.
Do not fret, worry, nor murmur.
Do not testify to something you do not live.
Do not let your thoughts wander idly about.
Do not neglect to show meekness and kindness to all men.
Do not compromise with sin to the least degree.
Do not neglect your salvation.
Do not weary in well-doing, knowing in due
season you shall reap if you
Do not faint.


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