Heading towards Tennessee going over Black Mountain, there is a stretch of Interstate known for heavy fog that causes massive pileups of vehicles. Several times each year horrific accidents happen as drivers enter the thick fog. There are periods where you can't see the front of your own vehicle, much less beyond.
Drivers involved in accidents on this stretch of Interstate will tell you the same story. They saw the fog but didn't think it was as thick as it turned out to be. They hoped to pass through it safely by using their emergency blinkers and driving slowly. However, these driver's weren't aware of the vehicles ahead who have already come to a stop. And so, the pile-up increases, sometimes ending in the tragic loss of lives.
In this life, we may see things through a fog of sin or circumstances. But the day will come when we can stand before Christ, when we will see Him clearly just as He is, in all His glory. Nothing will be able to cloud the true and living Christ from our vision when we go to meet Him.
The good news is that we don't have to wait. Today, right now, we can see Him clearly through His Word!
May God bless you with a "clear" passage.
Serving in Love,
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