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The Family Of God
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This is a spiritual family that has had God's Love and Forgiveness applied to them by the Living God and His Son Jesus. This family consists of all races , nationalities and more all over the world . Not just an American Spiritual Family!!! In today's Family of God there's a biracial group that was small many years ago, BUT now is a large part of Gods Family. They're Loved and Forgiven by the Father and His Son as all others. Many families have what we call "black sheep" of the family---God's Family have some too. Some have come back to the Family of God, Loved and Forgiven by the Father and His Son Jesus. But there's some members of God's Family who find it hard to Love and Forgive that "black sheep". When they come back to Gods Family they are Loved and Forgiven, that's the FINAL WORD FROM GOD!!! What's the "spiritual badge" for a TRUE MEMBER of Gods Family? It's not what our mouth says "but what our spirit says" that shows the True Badge of a Child of God.

"Badge of love" for one another. John 13 : 34 - 35: " one for another..." Matt. 5 : 44 - 46 for those who hurt us... This is Gods Love and Forgiveness working in ones spirit that reveals THEY ARE TRULY A MEMBER OF GODS FAMILY! Forgiveness from the Father for sins is NEVER REMEMBERED again! Psalm 103 : 12; Isaiah 38:17 To those who have a hard time with God's Forgiveness---I believe the Spirit spoke to me one time---"tell them David's sins was never brought up after his confession, I used him in a mighty way as ONE OF MY OWN". This is true for every member of Gods Family. All sins cast into "the SEA OF FORGETFULNESS", Isaiah 55:7; pardon, Jer. 3 : 12; return, Micah 7 : 18 - 19. If you need forgiveness, obey 2 Chron. 7:14---that's all God asks. Backslider, you have a Heavenly Father and His Son that has their law of Love and Forgiveness extended to you. Just say and mean: "I'm sorry" and the Power of that Love and Forgiveness will come to you. Another "badge" of a member of Gods Family: love the Father and the Son above everything else and love Gods Word to all mankind. Love for the world system and God's Love DO NOT MIX. We either love one or the other. Another "badge" of a member of God's Family is obedience. When God sees obedience He blesses that Member of His Family. NOT CHURCH OBEDIENCE, but GODS WORD OBEDIENCE. In the Family of God, there's the poor, rich, educated, uneducated, all different views (that's not sin), criminals of all kinds that have been Loved and Forgiven by the Father and His Son Jesus. The Father honors the law of Love and Forgiveness BECAUSE Jesus paid a "life price at the cross for ALL SOULS". The act of Love and Forgiveness put the Spiritual Adoption to work in Gentiles, as well as those who are of "Jewish roots".

I'm an American, white, born and raised here---have German, Indian and Irish roots. There are those of another race born here that are still Americans. Some are adopted into this nation, born somewhere else, but were accepted as Americans by adoption. At the Cross, Jesus died for all mankind (Jews and Gentiles). By adoption through the Cross He brings WHOSOEVER WILL of mankind ( Jews and Gentiles , into the Family of God. The law of Love and Forgiveness at the cross became the law for ALL THE HUMAN RACE!

Love Of Home

There are but few sweeter words in the English language than the word "home". I've thought the three sweetest words are: mother, home and heaven. Home is the dearest place in all the world to the Christian heart. To have a fond love for home is not at all injurious to Christian character. Those who have little love for home, will never succeed well in the Christian life. It may sometimes occur that some home members are so disagreeable that the Christian for "peace sake" will "quit the home roof"; but he still loves home. Sometimes young people think, that to enjoy life they must get out from under parental rule and roof. We have an example of this nature recorded in the Bible. How soon we learn of the prodigal's longing for the comforts of home. How often he thought of his father's house, that place so dear to him now. The love of home is a high mark of integrity. Show me one who has no love for home and I will show you one who has little true manhood or womanhood. When duty demands our absence from home, we submit and go in the strength of His grace and return with joy.

You can nowhere find more of heaven upon earth than the Christian home. Look at the picture. A father with the Holy Bible, the mother and children listening in reverence to the heavenly message. Where, I say, can you find more of heaven? Such a scene is most sweet and sacred. The angels bend low to catch the chants of praise that arise from those devoted hearts to the gates of heaven. "Such a picture," you may say, "is very beautiful and inspiring to look upon, but where is reality?" Thank God, such a home can be real in life, and it's our duty as a Christian to help it make so. God is pleased with such a home. It's much to His praise. Since such homes are so rare, they're all the more glorifying to God, and we should strive more earnestly to have them.

In our home, is the place to shine for God. It's the place to shed forth the radiant beams of Christian light from our grace-ladened soul. If we hope to prosper in the divine life, let's be our best at home and then, shine in the splendor of Christian virtue when before the public. Our life at home leaves its mark upon us. Let's shine in Christian beauty at home, and then, shine in beauty in public; but if we attempt away from home, to be more than we are at home, we'll miserably fail.