by H.C. Heffren

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The following is my present understanding after forty years of study and consideration. Now, I present it to you, dear reader, but only for your consideration. Much that is herein, is different than what is commonly taught 'today.' However, it is my 'burden' to encourage as many as will, to consider honestly and with an open heart and mind...then, trusting the Holy Spirit to teach each one as He wills.

Thine Is The Kingdom

The Relationship Between God's Law and Love

Things Most Surely Believed

Barnyard Unity

The Church Supper

God's Will For His Heirs

Who Are The 144,000

Who Israel Is

Thoughts On The Nature of God

Prophecies concerning The Messiah

What Is Truth

Who Is The AntiChrist

Mission Of The Messiah

Daniel's Prophecy

Is The Millenium Next or Never

The Late Great Planet Earth

The Guidance Of God

The Great Tribulation

Yes, God Knows All About You

The Whole Materials of Heffren

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