Evening Light Songs Of The Church Of God...The Church That Jesus Built


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How Reads Your Book? (by C.W. Naylor)

The world of sinners know not God,
Nor read the gospel true;
They care not for the holy Word,
But they are reading you.

O are you writing deeds of love,
Of holiness and grace?
And do they see the peace of God
Illuminate your face?

Do you desire that men shall think
That God is what you say?
Or that a man who lives like you
Is on the narrow way?

O write upon your daily page
A gospel that is truth,
And that will lead a soul to God
If he shall follow you

A gospel others daily see
Your words and deeds inditing;
O what do men read in your life---
In the book that you are writing?


The Church's Jubilee (by C.W. Naylor)

The light of eventide now shines the darkness to dispel,
The glories of fair Zion's state ten thousand voices tell;
For out of Babel God doth call his scattered saints in one,
Together all one church compose, the body of his Son.

The Bible is our rule of faith and Christ alone is Lord,
All we are equal in his sight when we obey his word;
No earthly master do we know, to man-rule will not bow,
But to each other and to God eternal trueness vow.

The day of sects and creeds for us forevermore is past,
Our brotherhood are all the saints upon the world so vast;
We reach our hands in fellowship to ev'ry blood washed one,
While love entwines about each heart in which God's will is done.

Oh, blessed truth that broke our bands! in it we now rejoice,
While in the holy church of God we hear our Savior's voice;
And gladly to his blessed will submissive we shall be,
And from the yokes of Babel's lords from henceforth we are free.


O church of God, the day of jubilee has dawned so bright and glorious for thee:
Rejoice, be glad! thy Shepherd has begun,
His long divided flock again to gather into one.


We Have a Hope (by Wm. G. Schell)

Have we any hope within us of a life beyond the grave,
In the fair and vernal lands?

Do we know that when our earthly house by death shall be dissolved
We've a house not made with hands?

Blessed hope we have within us is an anchor to the soul,
It is both steadfast and sure;
It is founded on the promises of Father's written word,
And 'twill evermore endure.

Since we've walked the strait and narrow way our path has ever shone
Brighter brighter, day by day;
Hope within our hearts assures us it is better farther on,
It is brighter all the way.

Life will end in joyful singing, "I have fought a faithful fight,"
Then we'll lay our armor down;
And our spirits freed from earthly ties shall take their happy flight
To possess a starry crown.

We have a hope within our souls,
Brighter than the perfect day:
God has given us his Spirit.
And we want the world to hear it.
All our doubts are passed away.


The Church Triumphant (by D.S. Warner)

Men speak of a "church triumphant"
As something on earth unknown,
They think us beneath the tyrant
Until we shall reach our home.

O cannot the great Redeemer
Prevail over Satan here?
Or must we remain yet under
Confusion, pressed down in fear?

He built on a sure foundation,
And said that the gates of hell
Against her divine munition
Can never indeed prevail.

'Tis not in the church of Jesus
That people yet live in sin;
But in the dark creeds they're joining,
And vainly are trusting in.

God's church is alone triumphant,
In holiness all complete;
And all the dark pow'rs of Satan
She tramples beneath her feet.


Thank God for a church triumphant,
All pure in this world below!
For the kingdom that Jesus founded
Does triumph o'er every foe.


The Church of God (by A.J. Kilpatrick)

I love the Church of God. The house that Jesus built,
And purchased by the precious blood, For us he freely spilt.
Thou blessed bride of Christ! O lovely one so pure!
Eternity adds bliss to bliss; Thy happiness is sure.

Redeemed by Christ alone, Cleansed in his precious blood;
Secure while endless ages roll, Kept by the pow'r of God.
The Bridegroom soon will come, His bride arrayed in white,
Unto himself he will receive, To dwell in endless light.


Upon the sure foundation, Not laid by human hand,
The glorious rock, Christ Jesus, The church shall ever stand.


The Blameless Church (by B.E. Warren)

Without spot and blameless, O Savior,
What a glorious church thou hast built!
For this thou didst patiently suffer,
For this was thy blood freely spilt.

Without spot and blameless, so holy,
See the church in her beauty sublime;
She lives on the bright hills of glory,
She reigns over sin all the time.

Without spot and blameless he bought her,
In the likeness of heaven above;
From the depths that were sinful he sought her,
And filled her with infinite love.

She is blameless, without spot or wrinkle,
From the last stain of sin she is free;
With blood from the cross he doth sprinkle
Her altars of cleansing for me.


Without spot and blameless my brother,
She lives 'neath the all cleansing blood;
In heaven and earth is no other,
Her builder and maker is God.


Church of God (by D.S. Warner)

Church of God, thou spotless virgin, Church of Christ, for whom he died,
Thou hast known no human founder, Jesus bought thee for his bride.
Sanctified by God the Father, built by Jesus Christ, the Son,
Tempered by the Holy Spirit, like the Holy Three in One.

God himself has set the members In his body all complete,
Organized by Jesus only, Oh, the union pure and sweet!
Church of God the angels marvel At the music of thy song;
Earth and hell in terror tremble, As thy army moves along.

Church of God, "beloved city" Thou art of celestial mold;
Lo! from God and out of heaven, Came the city of pure gold.
Stones of jasper, clear as crystal Is the building of thy wall;
And the Lamb, thy light forever, Jesus, Jesus, all in all.

God's own holiness within thee His own beauty on thy brow;
Glorified in his own image, This thy wondrous portion now.
In thee dwells the triune fullness, Blessing all thy pilgrim days;
All around thee his salvation, And before thee gates of praise.

Church of God, in heaven written, Thine the risen life of Christ,
And the treasures to thee given, Never, never can be priced.
Far above this world's confusion, Walking close by Jesus' side,
Leaning on his loving bosom, Is the church, his chosen bride.


I've Found It, Lord, in Thee (by D.S.Warner)

My soul in trouble roamed Upon a weary plain,
And ever restless longed A perfect bliss to gain.

Oppressed with guilt and woe, With fears of hell o'er cast,
My soul no comfort knew Until I came to Christ.

I bore within my breast A deep and painful void,
I wanted inward rest, And peace that would abide.

My foolish soul had tho't To fill itself with mold
From earthly mines, yet bou't No true and lasting gold.

All in this world is dross; its pleasures soon decay;
Its honors prove a snare; Its treasures fly away.


I have found it, Lord, in thee,
An everlasting store
Of comfort, joy, and bliss to me
How can I wish for more?


I'll Never Go Back (by C.W. Naylor)

I once was in bondage in Egypt's dark night,
But Jesus has bro't me out into the light;
He banished my sins and has made my heart right;
I'll never go back, I'll never go back.
I'll never go back to the bondage of sin,
I'll never go back to the place I was in,
A crown of rejoicing I'm striving to win;
I'll never go back again.

From sin and its follies I knew I must part
If Jesus were ever to reign in my heart;
So turning from evil, I hastened to start;
I'll never go back, I'll never go back.
I'll never go back to the world and its ways,
Its pride and its fashions, nor seek for its praise;
I'll give to my Savior my strength and my days;
I'll never go back again.

From Babel confusion most gladly I fled,
And came to the heights of fair Zion instead;
I'm feasting this moment on heavenly bread;
I'll never go back, I'll never go back.
The beast and his image, his mark and his name
My love or allegiance no longer can claim,
Tho' men may exalt them to honor and fame;
I'll never go back again.

The church that was built when the Pentecost came,
The church that is kept in one faith and one name,
Shall shine on resplendent for ever the same,
I'll never go back, I'll never go back.
I'll never go back to division and strife,
Where hatred and envy, and malice are rife;
I'll walk in the truth all the days of my life;
I'll never go back again.


What a Kingdom! (by B.E. Warren)

There's a theme that is sweet to my mem'ry,
There's a joy that I cannot declare,
There's a treasure that gladdens my being,
'Tis the Kingdom of righteousness here.

There's a scene of its grandness before me,
Of its greatness there can be no end;
It is joy, it is peace, it is glory,
In my heart, how these riches do blend!

I am lost in its splendor and beauty,
To its ne'er fading heights I would rise,
Till I see the King come to receive me,
And explore it with him in the skies.

What a pleasure in life it is bringing!
What assurance and hope ever bright!
Oh, what rapture and bliss are awaiting,
When our faith shall be lost in the sight!


'Tis a Kingdom of peace, it is reigning within,
It shall ever increase my soul;
We possess it right here when he saves from all sin,
And 'twill last while the ages shall roll.


Jesus Is Calling His People (by D.O. Teasley)

Jesus is calling his people again
Back to the glorified heavenly plain,
Home to the city of purity bright,
Out from sin Babel's confusion and night.

Jesus is calling the holy to war,
See them now coming from near and from far;
Hear on the mountain their song of delight,
See their white raiment and armor of light.

Jesus is calling the chosen and few,
Now in Mount Zion they're building anew,
Building the walls of the city of God,
While his high praises they're sounding aloud.

Jesus is calling the faithful and true,
Calling, my brother and sister, for you;
For in Jerusalem city today
Thousands are gathering, do not delay.


Glory to God! We'll sing it again!
Glory to God! We'll shout the refrain!
Praise to Jehovah our tongues shall employ,
Home to Mount Zion we're coming with joy.


Light Breaks At Last (by D.O. Teasley)

In the morning of grace, when the Sun first arose,
And the gospel divine put to flight all its foes,
The nations rejoiced, but forsook it so soon,
For the Sun in his strength was darkened at noon.

Long years have we dwelt in confusion and strife,
And groped where contention and error were rife;
But now we have found what we sought for so long,
That the people of God unite in one throng.

Behold, now we see by the evening's fair light
As it gleams form mount Zion in radiance bright,
That the midst of confusion is passing away,
As darkness recedes at breaking of day.

We have found it at last, the one holy flock,
'Tis the church of the Lord, and it stands on the rock;
Spread the news far and wide, till it reaches each shore,
That the Sun in his strength shall shine ever more.


Light breaks at last! Hallelujah to God!
Darkness is past, let us shout it aloud:
From the mountains and hills let us gather the few
Who will stand for the right and dare to be true.


I Will Praise Him, Hallelujah! (by D.O. Teasley)

Oh, I praise the Lord who bought me, hallelujah!
I'm a happy pilgrim bound for glory land;
I am singing and I hope to sing forever,
When before his throne eternal I shall stand.

I will praise him for salvation, hallelujah!
Richest treasure human spirits ever found:
Once I wandered for away, was sad and lonely,
But I'm dwelling now where pleasures e'er abound.

Oh, I'll never cease to praise him, hallelujah!
For he gives me peace abounding ev'ry day;
He redeemed my from my sins and fully cleansed me,
And I find his service sweeter all the way.

I will praise the name of Jesus, hallelujah!
I will praise him for mercies unto me;
Then I'll praise him with the angels in the morning,
When the face of my dear Savior I shall see.

Oh, I praise him for the strength he daily gives me,
I am running now to gain that heav'nly prize;
Soon with joy I'll reach the goal of life immortal,
And go sweeping thro' the gates of paradise.


I will praise him, hallelujah!
I will praise him more and more:
If I had ten thousand lives in which to praise him
I could not enough my blessed Lord adore.


What I've Found in Jesus (by Otto Bolds)

In the arms of my dear Savior I am resting ev'ry day,
And his smiles like sun beams fall upon my face;
I am standing on his promise, Where I shall forever stay,
And my heart is overflowing with his grace.

Once I roamed in sinful darkness, Over mountain, hill and plain,
Seeking ev'ry where for rest and finding none;
Yes my search for satisfaction While in sin was all in vain,
But I've found it in God's well beloved Son

Long in sin I sought for pleasure, Something that would satisfy,
Something that would quench the thirsting of my soul;
But I found that sin's dominion, Naught I needed could supply,
Then I turned to Jesus and he made me whole.

I am dwelling in that Kingdom, Where the day is always bright,
And the sparkling waters of life's rivers gleam,
Where the gloomy shades of darkness Are dispelled by heaven's light;
And I'm ever drinking of that living stream.


I am filled with grace and glory, And in Jesus I abide;
I will tell the wondrous story, Since my soul is satisfied.


My Surrender (by Gertrude E. Worthington)

I have given up all to my Savior so dear,
And his praises I ever will sing;
And tho' all this world should forsake me while here,
To my Savior I ever will cling.

I've received such great light,
And its beams are so bright
That the past of my life's way seems dim;
I will walk in this light by day and by night,
Still closer I cling unto him.

Some think I've done wrong by leaving the throng
Who abide in sectarian strife;
But I've only come back where God's people belong,
From Babel I fled for my life.

I have a good home in the fold of my Lord,
Where his sanctified children dwell;
I am glad that I heard the truth from his word,
And now with my soul all is well.

Someday when my life and its labors are o'er,
And my sheaves at his I lay down.
I will meet all the saints on that beautiful shore,
And receive a bright glittering crown.


He leads me each day in the heavenly way,
So onward and upward I climb;
In the straight, narrow way
I'm determined to stay,
Till I leave this old dark world behind.


I'm Glad I Counted the Cost (by J.W. Henry)

When I first started to seek the Lord,
I'm glad I counted the cost;
I fully measured to Jesus' Word,
I'm glad I counted the cost.

When I laid my sorrows at Jesus' feet,
I'm glad I counted the cost; And now I've pleasures so pure and sweet,
I'm glad I counted the cost.

I've bid my farewell to this world of sin,
I'm glad I counted the cost;
And now my Jesus abides within,
I'm glad I counted the cost.

I cast on Jesus my ev'ry care,
I'm glad I counted the cost;
And all of my burdens he helps me to bear,
I'm glad I counted the cost.

'Twill not be long till the Lord shall come,
I'm glad I counted the cost;
And bear my soul to that heav'nly home,
I'm glad I counted the cost.


I've paid the price and obtained the prize,
He saved my soul that was lost;
And now my treasures are in the skies;


This Is Why I Love My Savior (by Daniel S. Warner)

Shall I tell you why I ceased from folly?
Why I turned away from sin?
'Twas because the love of my Redeemer
Fully won my heart to him.

Do you ask me why I seek no pleasure
In things I once did love?
'Tis because I've tasted life's pure river,
Flowing from the throne above.

Would you bid me give to all a reason
Of the hope I now possess?
It is Christ in me the hope of glory,
And his perfect holiness.

Tho' all men may look on me with wonder,
At the change that's taken place;
I will walk the downward road no longer,
Bless the Lord for saving grace.


This is why I love my Savior,
Why I love to follow him;
For he died my soul to ransom
And he washed me from my sin.


The Evening Light (by Daniel S. Warner)

Brighter days are sweetly dawning,
Oh, the glory looms in sight!
For the cloudy day is waning,
And the evening shall be light.

Mistly fogs, so long concealing
All the hills of mingled night,
Vanish, all their sins revealing,
For the evening shall be light.

Lo! the ransomed are returning,
Robed in shining crystal white,
Leaping shouting home to Zion,
Happy in the evening light.

Free from Babel, in the Spirit,
Free to worship God aright,
Joy and gladness we're receiving,
Oh, how sweet this evening light.

Hallelujah! saints are singing,
Vict'ry in Jehovah's might;
Glory! glory! keep it ringing,
We are saved in evening light.


Oh, what golden glory streaming!
Purer light is coming fast;
Now in Christ we've found a freedom
Which eternally shall last.


Thy Children Are Gathering Home (by C.W. Naylor)

Long scattered thy children,
O Zion, have been,
But now they are gathering home:
The Spirit is calling, they gladly obey,
With songs of rejoicing they come.

False shepherds divided and scattered the flock,
And hirelings ruled o'er them for gain,
But back to their fold on mount Zion's fair height
They came to forever remain.

To unity, glorious, rich and complete,
One faith and one body, one Lord,
One way and one Spirit, one hope and one God,
They come at the call of his word.

Sectarian walls shall no longer divide,
False teachings shall lead them no more;
True pastors shall feed them on heavenly food,
Their sighings and sorrows are o'er.

Chorus: Thy children are gathering home,
With joy they are gathering home;
From all the divisions in which they were scattered,
Thy children are gathering home.


Prophetic Truth (by D.S. Warner)

'Twas sung by the poets, foreseen in the Spirit,
A time of refreshing is near;
When creeds and divisions would fall to demerit,
And saints in sweet union appear.

We stand in the glory that Jesus has given,
The moon, as the dayspring doth shine;
The light of the sun is now equal to seven,
So bright is the glory divine.

Now filled with the Spirit and clad in the armor
Of light and omnipotent truth;
We'll testify ever and Jesus we'll honor,
And stand from sin Babel aloof.

The prophet's keen vision, transpiercing the ages,
Beheld us to Zion return;
We'll sing of our freedom, though Babylon rages,
We'll shout as her city doth burn.

The fig tree is budding, the "evening" is shining,
We welcome the wonderful light!
We look for the Savior, for time is declining,
Eternity's looming in sight!


Oh, glory to Jesus! we hail the bright day,
And high on our banner salvation display,
The mists of confusion are passing away.


The Bond of Perfectness (by D. S. Warner)

How sweet this bond of perfectness,
The wondrous love of Jesus;
A pure foretaste of heaven's bliss,
Oh, fellowship so precious!

The bond that circles heaven's pure-
Oh, wondrous, wondrous story!
Has dropped around the holy here,
And fills us all with glory.

Oh, praise the Lord for love divine
That binds us all together;
A thousand chords our hearts entwine,
Forever and forever.

"God over all and in us all,"
and thro' each holy brother;
No pow'r of earth or hell withal
Can rend from each other.

Oh, mystery of heaven's peace!
Oh, bond of heaven's union!
Our souls in fellowship embrace,
And live in sweet communion.


O brethren, how this perfect love
Unites us all in Jesus!
One heart and soul, and mind we prove
The union heaven gave us.


Back to the Blessed Old Bible (by D.O. Teasley)

Back to the blessed old Bible,
Back to the city of God,
Back to the oneness of heaven,
back where the faithful have trod.
Back from the land of confusion,
Passing the wrecks and the creeds;
Back to the light of the morning,
Jesus our captain leads.

Back to the blessed old Bible,
Saints of Jehovah rejoice;
Jesus is calling his people
Back to the land of their choice.
Often our fathers have sought it
While we in Babel abode,
Now we have found the fair city-
Church of the living God.

Back to the blessed old Bible,
Leaving confusion and strife;
Fleeing from Babel to Zion,
Back to the joy of our life.
Over the mountains we wandered,
Looking in vain for the right;
Now in the evening we've found it,
Truth of the gospel light.

Back to the blessed old Bible,
Back at the Master's call,
Back to the words of our Savior,
Loving, obeying them all.
Never in sects to be scattered,
Never again to do wrong:
Unity, holiness, heaven,
Ever shall be our song.


Back to the blessed old Bible,
Back to the light of the word:
Be on our banners forever,
"Holiness unto the Lord."


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