Daniel's 70 Weeks
(a power point presentation)

Vulgarity - Bad Taste - Immodesty - Filth Where Will It All End?

The Eternal Home Of The Family Of God

Israel's Night

The Government Of The Church

Classification Of The Apostolic Ministry

The Humble Equality of the Apostolic Ministry

The Christian Attitude

The Reformation

The Meaning Of Salvation

A New Approach To Christian Unity

How We Got Our Bible

How to Study the Bible

The Church Of God:
What It Is and What It's Not

The Church Of God:
As Revealed In The Scriptures

What the Bible Teaches

Examine Yourselves

You Can Do This
(Lead a small Bible Study Group)

The Word Of God

Thy Kingdom Come

The King Is Coming!

The Kingdom of God: Time, Nature, and Place

How Do You Know Your Are Right?

Kingdom of Servants

Will There Be A Millennium?

I Will Build My Church

The Church Of God:
What It Is and What It's Not

Temptation: Victory Over Problems

The Life Of Salvation

Receive The Holy Spirit

Healing and Wholeness

Stewardship: Whole Life Discipleship

Light In This Present Darkness

Faith: Our Experience In Action

Living Faith Makes God Real

Invitation to Pilgrimage

God's Caring People

The Bible: Our Guide for Daily Living

The Holy Spirit

The Spiritual Home Of God's Redeemed

Telling Others: A Witnessing Lifestyle

Christ's Triumphal Reign

You Can't Join The Church

Paradise Restored

Was The Devil Ever An Angel In Heaven?

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