Bible Top 1000

Acquaint Thyself With God!
[ Jackie McCune Merical ]

Can I do that? Can I get to know Him? I can know about Him. The Bible can give me all the information I need to know who He is, but will it cause me to be acquainted with Him? I can read the biography of someone but can I say then that I am acquainted with them? We need to spend time with someone if we really want to know them.

It is my intention to spend time with God. How do I do that? I pray. I say a lot of things to Him, but do I take time to listen to Him? He tells me a lot of things in His Word, but do I listen to that still small voice whereby He will speak into my being? I worship Him, but for what reasons? I say "I worship Him for who He is." yes, but who is He really? He's majestic - my King! He's awesome - my Creator! He's my Provider!

Do I say I am acquainted with Him because of all the things He does for me or do I really know Him?

Search me O God and know my heart! Majesty in the heavens, God the Father Almighty, Maker of heaven and earth, the only wise God our Savior, that sits upon the circle of the earth, who stretches out the heavens a curtain and spreads them out as a tent to dwell in, who brings out His starry host by number and calls them all by name through the greatness of His power, who sees the works of man as vanity, who puts no confidence in princes and asks no counsel of Kings.

My God, if you never give me another thing or do another thing for me - I will worship You for who You are! Let my acquaintence with You be on the basis of pure LOVE! You give Your love to me asking nothing in return. May I give my love to You likewise. JM