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Paying Attention To Signs!
[ Jackie McCune Merical ]

Christmas 2013 has come and gone. New Year 2014 is soon upon us. What will 2014 bring? Much is happening in the world today. Are there SIGNS that we should be paying attention to? We live within the gift of time that God gave to mankind to prepare us for eternity. We are faced with two languages - time and eternity. We need to think outside of time language and look to the language of eternity. The language of time is our native language. Eternity language is God's. We therefore need an interpreter; someone to transpose God's language so we can understand it. The Holy Spirit spoke to men of old and told them what to write but due to the Tower of Babble we have many different languages. If we find ourselves with only a Spanish bible we need someone that speaks both Spanish and English to transpose it for us. That is great but if we are in another country and don't know the language and have to talk to someone who does not speak our language we revert to "sign language".

Well, here we are - strangers in a strange land - Time is coming to an end. We are told there will be a time when "time" will be no more. In the "mean time" the Holy Spirit is available to translate. Since we are limited to Time Language, need to rely on Him (the only one who speaks Eternity Language.) There are some who "lean to their own understanding" as they study Scripture. There will be things that our Time Language does not cover. What then? Well the Holy Spirit will revert to "Sign Language" We call it the "signs of the times."

You might want to consider ALL of I Corinthians 13. JM