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God's Word And Tea!
[ Jackie McCune Merical ]

I was reading in a book devoted to information regarding tea and I was fascinated by a page that listed all the medicinal uses for it. For instance chamomile is used to treat indigestion, insomnia, stress and anxiety. I get my tea for Tea Time from the Word and Faith will do that too. So I came up with a list of my teas and their medicinal purposes.

Hope will raise the level of your expectations.
Comfort is for soothing bumps and bruises to your spirit.
Fellowship will strengthen your ability to stand!
Forgiveness will bring peace of mind.
Grace can be applied to bruises from a fall.
Peace will help you sleep.
Victory will make you praise and, mixed with dance, is good for your physical and spiritual muscles.

These are only a few of the teas available in the Word, but I must include the greatest tea of them all:
LOVE - it covers all ailments! JM