Bible Top 1000

[ Jackie McCune Merical ]

Hands were made,
To love;
To soothe;
To caress;
To stroke the cheek of a loved one.
To heal;
To touch the hurt of a child.
"There, there, it's all right now. Don'tcry.

To place a ring
Third finger - left hand
"Till death do us part."

To mold;
To create;
Take clay, form a masterpiece
Put into it the suffering;
The love of a lifetime.

To serve - "Here, take my hand, let me help you.
To give - "This is for you Mommy, I made it myself."
To priase - "O clap your hands all ye people."

To show the way to one who is lost
"Behold my not faithless, but believing." JM

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