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Jesus As The Logos!
[ Jackie McCune Merical ]

When I look at you as an individual, I see what you look like; on the outside that is. As I get to KNOW you I begin to see some of your characteristics or your attributes, but no matter how well I get to know you I will never see all that came before you, in those that contributed to your life, nor will I see what will be reproduced through you in those you beget.

The Scriptures refer to Jesus as the word (Logos). There is a reason that the Holy Spirit uses the particular Greek word, LOGOS for it means not only the word itself but also the idea behind the word and everything that contributed to the meaning of the word. It is the word PLUS all that it was and will be.

Example: An ear of corn. Each individual kernel of corn contains within it a germ of life that makes it possible for that kernel to produce a crop of corn. The corn silk on the cob is actually a grouping of umbilical cords, feeding life to each kernel, producing exactly the pattern of the germ of life within. Each kernel will develop according to that pattern.

The Word of God is pregnant with meaning. It has all the life within it to reproduce. When a woman comes to the age of childbearing there are seeds within her. As a seed is released, if it is fertilized, it will begin the process of reproduction. But in order for the fertilization to take place, male and female must come together. The church, the body of Christ, the Bride, or whatever you wish to call it, is the female and Jesus is the male. In Him is Life, the sperm so to speak. The Church is the famale for she has the ability to release a seed. She releases the seed as she speaks the Word and then as individuals receive the seed, it is possible for it to be fertilized, but only as it is mixed with the Life of God (the Logos). When it all comes together in Him, it can then rest in the womb of our uniion with Him as it takes shape in preparation for birth.

This is only the beginning. some years ago there was much in the news concerning pregnant women who had taken a medication for morning sickness causing many babies to be born deformed. While a Word is growing in the womb it is important what we take in. If we feed on anything other than truth, it is possible for the birthing to produce life that is deformed, which is the basis of many false doctrines. We can even come to a point where we reject a particular Word through unbelief and bring about a miscarriage.

But let's say the pregnancy went great, the Word has come forth and mother and child are doing well. Again, that's only a beginning. The revelation that has been born must be nourished. The germ of life within that seed must be preserved. The Holy Spirit will see to it that it is well fed as the word comes to maturity.

Our spiritual health is important to the nourishment of all that has been born, all that still lies in the womb of our union with Him, and all the seeds that are yet to be released. We need to let our "diet" be the Word, filled with the germ of life, nourishing us, protecting us and bring forth fruit fit for the Masters use. JM