Bible Top 1000

Wisdom In Making Commitments!
[ Jackie McCune Merical ]

I find that when things become stressful it is because I have taken upon myself too many jobs to do. I commit myself to chores before asking the lord, "Should I do this?" It seems like a good thing to do so I plunge in. Then it's not long before my commitments involve more time than I have. I can't seem to get it thru my head that I'm not 30 years old any more and I have to adjust my time accordingly.
"Casting all you care upon Him for He careth for you." I Peter 5:7

Lord help me to learn that just because I see a need doesn't mean I have to meet it. You DO have others to respond and perhaps I see that need so I can pray. Could that be part of "casting my cares on You? JM

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