Bible Top 1000

[ Jackie McCune Merical ]

Comfort: Something adding to pleasure but not absolutely necessary. That definition brought to my memory an incident concerning my son Ronnie. He was the manager of a Kentucky Fried Chicken warehouse and when he had to order supplies he only had to mark an already printed list of the things he needed. At the end of the list was a place where he could "write in" anything else he wanted, but had to write an explanation of why he needed it.

On one of his orders he wrote in:
1 ping pong table with a supply of accessories. In the place where he had to explain, he wrote: employee morale.

His next shipment included his request with no questions asked. On the employees breaks he had a running contest going on toward crowning a "champion." It gave the employees something to look forward to beside just a hard days work. Playing ping pong certainly wasn't necessary to getting the job done, but it made it more comfortable to put in the work day.

2 Corinthians 7:13 - Therefore we have been comforted in your comfort, and we rejoiced exceedingly more for the joy of Titus, because his spirit has been refreshed by you all."

May we strive to truly comfort one another, not merely exist together. May we go the "extra mile." How blessed it is to know that the Holy Spirit is also known as the "Comforter" for He transmits the Love of God beyond merely what is necessary and: "As He is, so are we in this world."