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We must be what the Lord wants us to be; salvation is individual, God has a plan for each life.   When God says, "...work out your own salvation..."   He merely wants you to be individually what He wants you to be.   God believes in infinite variety. I'm told that there are no two flowers alike.   I was amazed not long ago to study and find that there are no two snowflakes alike.   So don't feel strange if I would tell you that there are no two Christians alike.
Here's the difference between unity and uniformity.   Many people have lost the message of unity and are teaching uniformity.   Unity begins in the hearts and comes among a people where each one is working out their salvation before God in their individual life.   They allow each other to be free before God to walk as God works it in their lives.
Uniformity, on the other hand, is outside pressure which makes us all come to one standard.   God likes variety.   He will teach us just alike over many things, but we must be like Christ, and as we are like Christ, we must be ourselves.   We must not try to imitate one another.   We must not try to imitate even great Christians.   Paul said in 1 Corinthians 11:1, "Be ye followers of me, even as I also am of Christ."   Paul wanted them to take him for an example; but above all, he wanted them to keep their eyes on Jesus.

We have to own the fact that every one of us, as saints of God, have feet made of clay. You may get your eyes on a saint and try to imitate them, but they may fail you.   I don't think there's a saint who has not had a failure, but there is One who never fails. Influences are sowed in congregations, which work right against the standard of the Gospel.   God never called us to imitate any brother or sister.   The question is: Would Jesus do it?   Did Jesus tell you to do that?   Did God work that in you?
We're not supposed to try to work out anything which God does not work in.   God is not working lots of things in people that they are trying to work out.   God will never work in me to misuse a brother, no matter how much he misuses me.

In verse 14 and 15, Paul contrasts the life of a believer with those of people living in the world.   Ever since there has been a Church, the devil's big move has been to blend the edges of the Church with the edges of the world. He's out to make the world churchy and the Church worldly.   However, that which God works in the hearts and lives of His people causes them to live a life, which is much different than that of the world. 



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