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Paul was teaching the people at Philippi...and God wants to teach us, that it takes more than an example on the outside; it takes power inside to live a consistent Christian life. Our world is falling, because they have fallen from the message, that taught power on the inside, to just an example on the outside.   Christ is our example in all things, but true Christianity is not you and me taking Christ for an example and then straining in our own strength to be conformed to that example.
Paul set Christ forth as the great example, in the exercise of a submissive mind.   What submission Christ had, in leaving the form of God!   He was God, one of the Godhead in the form of God, but He had a submissive mind.   He didn't grasp at being God to the place that He couldn't lay it aside to become a man, a servant, and a crucified sacrifice for a lost and dying world.   Paul tells us that we must have the same submissive mind, if we're going to be Christians.   The reason the Church is not going forward (like it ought) today, is because too many people who claim to be the Church, do not have a submissive mind.
Many people agree that the life of Christ is a wonderful picture, but the question is: How do we go about practicing it?   How can mortal man achieve what Christ achieved in living?   The religious world quickly answers, "No mortal man can live like Christ.   No mortal man can achieve what Christ achieved."   Therefore, they live 'way below' the level of true Christianity.
Well, Jesus Christ not only lived the life, but He left a pathway for you and me to walk in. God, through His great plan, furnishes the grace, power, wisdom, and all that we need. In other words, we have no excuse for not being Christlike.
To many, it is presumptious to even think about living holy, so they just give up.   Yet, if you've been redeemed, you're redeemed from among men; you are living a life that men cannot live.   The devil is out today to deify man and humanize God.   He's out to take the power out of true Christianity.   When he takes that out, we have nothing left but an empty shell; we're left in a powerless condition.
There's a secret, which Paul is setting forth, here.   He's showing us a divine pattern for the submissive mind and for the divine power to accomplish what God has commanded.   Read verse 13, where he begins to let the secret out.   Here was a people who always obeyed.   Paul told them to "...work out your own salvation with fear and trembling.   For it is God which worketh in you..."   I say this kindly, with love and respect for anyone who might feel different, but the day of Christ "with you," passed when the day of Pentecost came.   Ever since then, salvation has been an inside work, not 'with you' but 'in you.'   There's no place in the Christian experience where Christ merely dwells 'with you.'
He certainly travels with the sinner.   He talks with the sinner and works to convict him of sin.   However, when you come to the place of real Bible repentance and submit your life out of your hands into God's, your heart is cleansed through the Blood of Jesus and God moves in.   It is "God in you" working in you.   Verse 13 tells us, "For it is God which worketh in you both to will and to do of his good pleasure."   In Galatians 2:20 Paul said, "...Christ liveth in me..." 



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