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It is no accident that those who believe the teaching of the return of Jesus Christ are the most fervent in witnessing and soul winning.   If you draw up one list of the great mission-pioneers, the fruitful evangelists, and the inspired teachers of the Bible---and another list of the outstanding believers in the imminent coming of the Lord Jesus, you will find that the two lists are the same.
C.H. Blanchard wrote, "All who have grasped the truth of the Lord's return have felt that they must shape their lives in the light of the fact."   He then recalled the effect upon himself when he first discovered the meaning of "the promise" of Christ's return in the early years of his Christian life:
"Though I was busy and devoted in service, it quickened my desires, increased my love, and gave me a brighter outlook.   Moreover, it seemed to reveal a new Bible; the Word became more luminous, emphatic and interesting.   It revolutionized my Christian experience and stirred my heart to new enthusiasm."
R.A. Torrey and J. Hudson Taylor testified in the same way of the sudden effect the truth of the return of the Lord Jesus Christ had upon their lives.   When really believed, it does transform lives and stir men from their complacency to action
to bring back the king!

If you do not love the teaching of the return of Christ, you should get on your knees and ask the Lord to search your heart, that you might see the true reason for any antagonism.   Could it be that this present world has too much of a hold on you? Prayerful searching of the heart should bring you to remove that antagonism and make you "love His appearing" (2Tim. 4:8).



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