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One of the most vital and needful things today is really and truly living the life.   First of all, it is needful because it is the only thing, which will produce joy.   Too many people are not really joyful in their experience with God, simply because they are not really living for God as they ought.    I'm talking about joy, not happiness.   Hapiness is regulated by circumstances; joy is an inward experience in the heart, which God puts there.

This joy is beyond the world; the happenings of the world cannot change it.   Being a Christian is the most joyful thing, which can happen to you, if you live it the right way. But, if you 'cut corners' on God in your experience, it will become a most irksome task.
Secondly, living the life is God's only means of revealing salvation to the world.   We do not discount the many moves, which man is making to take the Gospel to the world, but God's chosen means of revealing light and real undestanding to the hearts of a lost and dying world, is through you and me living the life.
Paul wrote the Philippian letter from a Roman jail, in a very distressing situation.   Even though he was just a few hours from acquittal or death (At this time he did not know which faced him), the burden of his heart was turned away from his own situation completely.   He was trying to get some help to a congregation, which he dearly loved at Philippi.   His words can be of great help to you and me, today.

Down through this second chapter, Paul has been talking about the very submissive mind, which we must have to be a Christian.   He shows us that we must have the very mind of Christ.   It won't do us any good to talk about that higher power, Daniel in the lion's den, or the three Hebrew children in the furnace of fire, unless we can apply it to our daily life.   Paul said, "Let [not struggle or work it up] this mind be in you, which was also in Christ Jesus" (Philippians 2:5).   God will give you the mind of Christ (a submissive mind), if you will let Him.
In verse 11, Paul began to talk about Jesus Christ truly being Lord.   He is Lord.   Every knee should bow and every tongue should confess it now.   Nevertheless, there is a day coming, if you fail to do it now, when every knee shall bow and every tongue shall confess.

In verse 12, he begins to talk about a precious obedience.   He said, "Wherefore, my beloved, as ye have always obeyed..."   I know, that very thought is contrary to thinking today.   More and more, the religion of the world is being trimmed, changed, and molded to the condition, which the world is in.   My friend, the minds of people in Christiandom are quickly being sold on the theory, that no one can obey God completely, that no one can please Him in all ways.   Nevertheless, I want you to notice that the Apostle Paul is writing to a people who had always obeyed the Lord.
I think it was mark Twain who once said, "There are few things harder to put up with, than the annoyance of a good example."   The annoying part of a good example, is the inability to accomplish the same achievement in our life.   The reason people get stirred when somebody lives right, is because they feel they cannot or are unable to.   It always makes a crooked stick look bad, if you lay a straight one down beside it.

Many are affected in a negative manner to the place that they do not live as they ought. This is because of the negative feeling, which comes toward them when they want to live right and be different than the world is.   The admiration you have for a great person can inspire you, but it does not enable you one bit, unless they could convey their very life into you.   Thereby, their skills would become your skills and their abilities would become your abilities.



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