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The true Christian life is not a series of 'ups and downs.'   The Bible does not teach that we have our ups and downs.   It says that we have our 'ins and outs' --- God works in us and we work it out.   If we had our 'ins and outs,' we would not have our 'ups and downs.'   God will never work discouragement or defeat in your heart.   That's not God working in you.
Many live below their privileges and make excuses for their failures; yet, they want the Lord to manifest Himself in power by healing the sick and opening blind eyes and deaf ears.   There is a level you can get to where God is doing that.   God never quit doing it; He doesn't turn it off and on.   The gifts and callings of God are without repentance.   He's put everyone of the gifts and callings of God in the Church, to work at the Church's disposal as the needs arise.

We're praying for God to come down, and God is waiting for us to come up.  Mount Zion is more than getting a group of people together and making sure they dress right and conform to all established guidelines.   Mount Zion means a high spiritual life. On Mount Zion, you live above the clouds of the level of "sect-division" and above the fogs of confusion.
Paul was writing to a people who had always obeyed.   He was afraid they would do just like people have always done---lean to their own strength and understanding.
He did not want them to forget where the secret of their power was.   The reason they could obey was because God was working in them and they worked it out.
Philippians 1:1 verifies the fact that Paul was writing to saints.   They were saved and they put their trust in Christ.   They were set apart unto Him.   They were living a life of obedience, but Paul writes, "...work out your own salvation..."   The words, work out means "to work to full completion."   It means to work out like a miner would work out a mine by going in and taking the ore out or like a farmer would work out a field to get the best harvest possible.

The purpose which God wants to achieve in every one of us is Christlikeness.   Romans 8:29 tells us, "For whom he did foreknow, he also did perdestinate to be conformed to the image of his Son..."   This is what God had in mind when He set in order this great salvation, that every one of us would be conformed to the image of His Son.   Every move, which God makes within our heart and life in salvation, is for that purpose.   Certainly, we admit that there are problems to life, but we are here to tell you that God helps us to work them out.
Paul said, I repeat, "...work out your own salvation..."  And that means to 'let other people alone.' Don't try to judge everybody else.   You have all you can do if you work your own out.   Whenever you see people "getting in other people's business", you can be sure that they're not working their own out.


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