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Solomon, the wise man, said, "To everything there is a season, and a time to every purpose under the heaven: a time to be born, and a time to die." Those vital decisions and acts of man which go to make up the balance-sheet of life, and which decide the future destiny of all mankind, we consider problems of eternal moment. Millions of precious souls are today sailing on uncertain seas; but there are messages enough for their guidance, if we can catch these messages and send them on. God's part is complete; the message to a lost world is on hand; our responsibility, then, is to transcribe and transmit it correctly; for we, every saved soul, are, in Christ's stead, to teach men how to become reconciled to God.

To the end that the world might be reconciled to him, God uses every constructive agency. In time past he's taken humble fishermen, weak men, impulsive men, natural liars, rich men, educated and uneducated men, and transformed them by his grace and mighty power into instruments of usefulness, and their sermons and writings have sent a holy thrill vibrating down through the ages. The world of humanity has been hypnotized by sin, and must be aroused quickly, or they may sleep the sleep of death. What's needed today is a message that's positive, aggressive, and progressive---a wholesome, saving, life-giving message which will appeal to the moral, intellectual, and emotional part of every man. Natural philosophy can't explain the operations of the Spirit of God, no more than scientific elucidations can reveal how forms of life can spring from transparent, homogeneous protoplasm; yet the Lord, which is infinite in wisdom, has seen fit to awaken the slumbering souls of men through the foolishness of preaching, and his written Word. Noiselessly as the opening of the rose-bud or the rising of the morning sun, God speaks to the souls of men, and as silently and softly as the snow-flake falls upon the meadow land, he speaks peace to troubled hearts. The day of speculative theology is past, and men demand eternal verities. The object of this volume is to stir men to action, to stimulate progress, and to awaken responsibilities, which automatically will kindle holy fires on cold family altars, and transform men from a dead sea into a sea of glass mingled with celestial fire, reflecting the true image of Almighty God.

J. Grant Anderson.
Franklin, PA., Jan. 18, 1921.



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