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Although there's an abundance of religion, yet there's no good religion to spare on useless things.

What's this salvation about? Man was, and is now hopelessly lost, enslaved by sin, unable to get himself freed and out ot the path that leads downward to hell, except through the Savior of mankind, Jesus Christ. He's our only mans of escape---that's salvation!

Spirituality develops in some people as the heat of affliction is pressing them sore.

Excitement digs to the bottom of our personality, exposing those secret things we'd otherwise hold in quiet composure.

Blunders of man's mental capacity in no wise affects the purity of his soul.

If men weren't so anxious for individual recognition it's likely that new teachings of a perverted nature would never arise.

It amuses me to hear people make poor excuses for their vices ---you'd think it takes their evil doing to glorify God.

Many people end up with a preacher they can endure, a religion they can live with, but seldom find a cure for the poor condition of their heart.

We'll never see an effective work of the gospel on earth until men quit dividing the church up into factions.

People will sacrifice to do their own good pleasure, but few will give without some hope of return.

Fault finders don't usually pick on themselves, seeing the field is so great, and too they already know their own faults.

Suspicion brings comfort to no soul because it' agitated by the unknowns.

Soft things that exert the greatest pressure on us are words.

Keeping under our body and bringing it under subjection suggest the full control of every appetite, indulging them only to the glory of God.

The unregenerate soul's the source from whence all evil works spring, so if the soul's cleansed by the blood of Christ----there'll be no evil works there.

When men make excuses for their lack of spirituality, they usually pin the blame on someone else.

If I'm waiting for someone else to kindle and fan a flame of fire in my soul, it must be because there's a lack of initiative and honesty on my part.

Lie stirring up a hornet's nest...so do some thoughts swarm over us and eventually leave their sting.

Hunger of the senses resembles a gnawing pain that won't let us forget until it's gratified...so in some cases, it needs to be "nipped in the bud".

Imagination has two sides, the one's constructive, and the other destructive---the one minimizes what it sees, the other tends to over-inflate.

I've on occasions rejoiced at what I later questioned to be cause for rejoicing.

The man who lies to himself is his own worst enemy.

If all the things man thinsk about were put into practice, in some cases it's be better if he slept more.

An occasional spell of sickness often does more to correct a man's faults than all the advice of friends.

Any preacher that leaves people unaffected is doing them a dis-service, he's endangering their soul.

It takes spiritusl discernment to detect inward sins or conditions.

I get to thinking that things are going fairly smooth, then I hit another rocky place---great reason we all need spiritual guidance.

I some folks had their pockets plumb full of honey---yet they wouldn't be sweet enough to live with.

Imagination is far from being a dood, or the best source of information, yet it appears many depend on it.

We too often ponder the path we took, rather than the path we should have taken.

Any over exertion we use to draw people to ourselves is apt to make them leary of out motives.

When praying in public the enemy may get us to listening for Amen's and approval, rather than seeking only the Spirit's unction.

Could it be possible Balaam's mule had mor compassion, better vision, and less stubborness than some folks ya know?

Spurious sincerity isn't productive.

"Sic-um" only works under certain conditions---even with dogs.

How could a new philosophy develop? Man's moral condition's much the same since his fall in the garden and it's the old depravity showing up.

Pride doesn't take a lower seat joyfully, but it can feign humility as it takes a lower seat.

When a spiritual gaint falls it discourages not a few sains, but in due time they can profit by the loss.

There's a right season to use the spear, and a right season to use the pruning hook, and wisdom makes all the difference.

It lies beyond reason for us to lack fervancey in our worship services, yet some feel comfortabel in a drag.

It apparently's an act of stupidity for any soul to refuse salvation, or to shun living for God.

No one has time for finding fault with another, so long as they're properly dressing themselves.

It might do onw good to look into a morror once in a while, discovering that ages can take place.

Overcoming's a task unknown to too many professing salvation.

I knew a fellow once who seemed to think he could do any job in the shop---but he kept getting in his own way.

Some people have the tendency to be like chiggers----they get under you skin and irritate you.

God doesn't save men in spite of themselves---else he could have devised the plan of salvation that way, but with all it's a matter of choice.

We have no power over other people's wrong doing----but we are responsible for our own attitudes.

As sitting in the shade tends to make one feel cooler---so spiritual darkness generates spiritual indifference to good.

Time heals some things, seals others.

All labor first of all is mental---and what does this tell us about lazy men?

After a man passes his wits end he begins to draw blanks.

Never cntend with a stronger than yourself---unless you delight in making a fool of yourself.

Depriving ourselves of the incidentals while indulging the questionables isn't commendable.

Waiting on God to get one's leadings is essentially the same as possessing one's soul in patience.

Though Christ be the way, the truth, and the life, yet it's not uncommon to see men preferring each other to Christ, and speaking more highly of one another than of Christ.

Many want good results without a battle, souls saved without opposition, a following without sacrifice----oh vain men!

When men let the labors of ministers down by failure to support them in a material, physical, and spiritual manner---rest assured the results are going to be other than desired.

Men rejoice too muchy over nonsignificant things.

I've seen folks who didn't feel well enough to go to church, but plenty good to go visit relatives.

"It's no use," I've heard some say, "Ive tried it before!" Excuses like this reveal the true condition of the soul, there's either dishonesty or insincerity.

Merely knowing pain is present's no remedy or source of relief, somthing to cure has to be applied---and with saints, that includes faith.

Having watched some folks religion at work I became convinced of one thing, it's lazy.

No man has any power for doing good beyond the scope of his understanding---and should we not wonder if this's an age of wise men?

There's such a clamor for freedom---yet only sad results of discontent do follow---surely men need restraint upon their doings.

Money matters are more easily settled than character matters---as a rule.

Jesus didn't ban fishing just because he took men from that occupation to serve him. But fishermen can be saved.

There's no occupation of honesty and worth but what it's carried on better when performed by saved men.

The lack of holiness contended for and exhibited has contributed to the production and circulation of filthy literature.

Our lack of being persecuted may well be an indication of the lack of our being used in the work of God.

Could be a hidden philosophy involved wherein men spread their religious views in place of the truth---may be they think the Lord will be converted to their ideas if they work hard enough at the job.

If we didn't learn correction from mistakes---but kept adding new ones, it wouldn't be long before our activity would be nothing but mistakes.

To silently permit the doing of wrong is to deny one's responsibility.

I've tried to evaluate my own frustrations---but somehow see them in a different light than others. Perhaps this's why advice is seldom ever accepted.

We possibly could understand human nature better were we able to observe our own problems in a greater way.

Let's all work together and lay down all differences! Are you referring to some specific job? There are two projects going on right now in the spiritual realm, but only one of them is of the Lord.

We're all working for the Lord! Then why not follow his instructions?

Contention's not backbone, it's but madness stemming from a proud heart.

If you don't wanna hear a man toot his own horn---blow it for him, by so doing you can save yourself a lot of breath if you begin right.

A good experience of salvation soon begins to clear up a lot of strange notions.

The way to life is still strait and narrow, and there's still only a few finding it.

Some treat the subject of holiness on the level of evolustion---as a theory instead of a fact.

Holiness puts us into a state of probation---there's still a tree in our midst which we're not to touch.

Prayer, one means to the greatness events of our life, is about the most neglected of all things.

It's difficult to remove all the tangles in a string so long as someone else 's busy putting new ones back into it.

The Bible's full of precious things for which too few are willing to dig, and whole some do dig, yet they never seem to find gold.

Holiness doesn't cause us to live an abnormal life---on the other hand it 's that which gives balance to life.

We're to admonish one another as a means of edifying---but not to accuse, confuse and abuse.

Praying for someone else lacks sincereity----if we're not willing to aid them in another way.

Any thought a person has that affects only self ought to be kept at home.

Pride's such a monster that it compels some to do thigs they can't afford to do---and some things they don't desire to do.

The greatest gift man ever could receive is salvation---yet some content themselves with the cheapest and most useless religion they can find.

Some don't seem to mean what they say---and apparently they don't intend for you to know what they've said.

Sympathy---like cahrity---is scarce at times, therefore it takes a lot of effort on the part of the giver.

Men can misjudge what others are thinking, or what they themselves are thinking---and isn't that the power of imagination?

I've written down some of my views lest they be destroyed---and have destroyed others I wrote down lest they be preserved.

When we venture to circulate an opinion, lets be prepared to meet it on its return---and the consequences which go with it.

A sermon's really preached when our hands, ears etc., are helping.

I've never studied philosophy---but I suppose there's at least two kinds---good and bad.

Within the confines of the church is much evil contested---but until the cure's applied the disease of a sin-sick society will be unaffected.

If the only thing the church stands for is benediction---the devil need not fear any of her labors.

Dealing with some people's problems is like blackberry picking---you never know what you're apt to encounter.

If I search for good in all that comes my way, there's bound to be something---but it may come in a much different way than I'd have chosen.

Wishing for things may be the lazy man's way of satisfying his desire---which if he sought after it by labor it might take the pleasure out of having it.

Many things which appear beautiful when new have a way of ending up as nothing but a lot of trouble.

Write for the innocent and unlearned---they'll more readily profit from you labors.

Feed the hungry and they'll appreciate it---but offer to the full and you may be embarrassed.

The thought of considering one's self to be great is a terror to a righteous soul.

Sincerity's no mere thought---it's a condition know only to the pure in heart.

Babes in Christ seek only to acquaint other with him whom they love.

An alarming condition prevails when one can't find out how to correct an insincere frame of mind, or shake off apathy.

We all have our limitations, but we oft set the border close to where comfort can be found.

Regardless of what men assign to us as our reputation, our standing with God is what counts the most.

Our pet projects consume both time and energy that might be better diverted into efforts that come nearer to glorifying God in helping mankind.

There goes a spirit in a house made of dust and water---see him strut! The clothes, and air of importance, it's the power of sin blinding. Such is the product of vain pride.

Don't call living a respectable life pride---such living comes from humility and clean attitudes.

As God never changes, so his law is forever settled in heaven. But hypcrites keep charging God with accepting their folly.

Some things may exist---allowed of God, but not necessarily according to his good pleasure.

To practice a religion for the sake of justification won't profit where faith is lacking.

Truth, when recognized for what it is, leaves no place for error.

Some have such a loving disposition (if it can be called such), that they embrace most nigh any one who claims to have religion.

Indulgence follows consent of the will to partake---that's why sin's known to be more than just an act.

Humility discovers to us the best way in which to solve our prloblems.

The writer who bears concern for the whole world---writes to the whole world, and that's how we got the Bible.

Let men scorn the Word---I'm sure the day will come when they'll face it like it is---though too late.

Those who refuse to believe in God till they meet him face to face are nothing but stubborn----God's works are seen every day in creation.

Like the day when we separated milk, sold the crea, kept the bluejohn---so some let go the best in religion and keep the poorest.

Men aspiring to promote only good have th highest value of moral character.

We may smile at another's distress, until an ill-wind falls out own kite to the ground.

It matters not to me if men disregard the Bible, or seek out new translations---what I've found sufficently satisfies my soul and support my desired hope.

The smarter people claim to be so far as raising children is concerned, the less control and discipline we see, and the more delinquency there is.

If man wasn't plaqued with self esteem he could humble his heart and call upon God for mercy and help.

There's little advantage to reading good books---if we don't read those book good.

Cliques and clans in church work will certainly destroy where otherwise good could have been done.

If rulers cease to be a terror to the evil the wicked will increase more.

If we don't have some similar basic interests in life how harly can we hop to work together?

About the time we think we've come to understand someone, they present to us some statement which leaves us as bewildered as though we'd heard some stranger speak.

I don't advocate child abuse---but I certainly approve of using corrective measures to what ever extent it takes to accomplish correction.

Selfishness shouldn't be too hard to detect---if we can observe who's reaping gain at who's expense.

Experience proves a wrecking crew has the dirtest job---though such be a necessity if a better builing is to go up.

It's not just watch, but also pray.

Man's living in a most dangerous environment while in the midst of the greatest of joys.

The most useful means of pleasure can also be the most prevalent source of disaster.

We misjudge and loosely handle our weaknesses when we over-estimate our strengths.

The potential of being our greatest enemy shares in our every day activities---and only a proper restraint renders it useful.

Getting the necessities of life is hororable---when it doesn't wrongly deprive another.

What God refuses to do, man ought not to try---yet some preachers promise their hearers a way to heaven without requiring them to make preparations.

At times I'd have written to others whom I saw needed help---but then realized their confidence in me was such that it wouldn't have helped.

Render unto people only their just dues---without usury.




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