Regarding Responsible Reformation
Al Maxey


An Introduction

I would like to welcome you to this first issue of a new email outreach devoted to effecting responsible reformation among the people of God who are scattered throughout the many sects and factions of Christendom. It is my firm conviction that it is past time for the disciples of Jesus to lay aside their weapons of warfare, and their inflammatory rhetoric, and to begin coming together as FAMILY in sweet fellowship.

The reflections that will be presented in these periodic mailings will seek to touch the hearts and minds of my extended family in Christ and to instill within each of you a greater desire for oneness and harmony. The dismemberment of the Body of Christ must cease, and we must begin the patient process of healing which can only come through a greater awareness of His grace and daily demonstrations of love one for another.

I urge you to join with me in this endeavor as we work together for a unified Body. Tell your friends and loved ones about this effort. Forward these reflections on to as many as you feel would benefit from being challenged to begin working and praying for responsible reformation. My prayer is that this periodical can reach throughout the earth for the purpose of promoting peace among the redeemed.

Let me hear from you. Encourage others to subscribe. Let's cease cursing the darkness and begin holding high the LIGHT for all to see.



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