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O, God,
our help in the ages past,
and hope for years to come,
receive our thanks for the witness of the Holy Scripture.

Your promise is true.
The gates of hell shall not prevail against your church.
You are the faithful God who has preserved your people through persecution, war, fire, famine, and death.

True to the prophecy the dark ages have passed and Reformation has come.
Grant, dear Lord, the perpetuation of the Reformation until your return.

The gospel day is far spent.
Awaken the church, we pray, to the sound of the trumpet for the final conquest.

All hell is let loose and Satan's powers are uniting forces attacking true Christianity.
Atheism, paganism, materialism, humanism, persecution, fear, confusion, and apathy are prevalent everywhere.

Our souls cry, O Lord,
revive the fervor of true Reformation,
unite the army of Christians,
and lead us on the offensive against all evil forces.

Equip us with the helmets of salvation,
breastplates of righteousness
and arm us with truth.

Let us march forward with peace toward God and man
but at war with sin and Satan.

Grant us skill with the sword of the Spirit and shield of faith.
Clothe us with armor for battle lest we be found naked
and the enemy see our shame.

You are the God who calls the battle.
You are our Commander at this our Armageddon.

Help us make the Reformation alive and continue the proclamation of truth until the God of Elijah brings judgment fire to destroy all evil.

In the Name of the mighty Conqueror,




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