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What's Real Spirituality?
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The soundness of current Christianity is assumed because of so much Bible study. I believe there's hardly been a time when there's been more Bible study than today. Groups all over are holding Bible Study. Yet, out of that study, godliness and Bible living seems to be wanting. With all this activity and study, Christianity appears to be falling short of a sound healthy condition. An article I recently read implied that where Christianity was weak, the cults were very powerful, and there's a direct relationship with that. Man is religious by nature, and because Christianity is in such a weakened, condition today, men are truning to other things.

This is no time to compromise or let down. We have to hold right to the standard of God's Word. In too many cases, religious activity is substituted for real spirituality. Let me share a definition for what I believe is real spirituality:

Real spirituality never exceeds the amount of direct contact that we have with God. We can say what we want, be as moral as we want to be, and do all the rest of it that we want to do, but our real level of spirituality can only be measured by our direct contact with God. We need to let the truth appear.

Worldliness, in too many incidents, has eaten away the heart of real spirituality. People are sold out to the world, trying to seek its favor to win them, and that never works. We've measured ourselves by others too long. We can measure ourselves by others until we lose our incentive to seek the things of God. We can lose that "holy urging" to go deeper and to reach higher in the things of God until we become like the Laodiceans---satisfied.

Too many times, we have to manufacture delights and entertainments to replace the joy of the Lord. We rejoice over material blessings more than the spiritual blessings, and we ought to thank God for our material things---don't misunderstand me. But when that's the only thing we can thank God for, we've missed something. Righteousness, joy, and peace in the Holy Ghost are ingredients of the Kingdom of God.

Seeing Clearly

"Beloved, now are we the sons of God, and it doth not yet appear what we shall be: but we know that, when he shall appear, we shall be like him; for we shall see him as he is."
1John 3:2

Heading towards Tennessee...going over Black Mountain, there is a stretch of Interstate known for heavy fog that causes massive pileups of vehicles. Several times each year horrific accidents happen as drivers enter the thick fog. There are periods where you can't see the front of your own vehicle, much less beyond.

Drivers involved in accidents on this stretch of Interstate will tell you the same story. They saw the fog but didn't think it was as thick as it turned out to be. They hoped to pass through it safely by using their emergency flashers and driving slowly. However, these driver's weren't aware of the vehicles ahead who have already come to a stop. And so, the pile-up increases, sometimes ending in the tragic loss of lives.

In this life, we may see things through a fog of sin or circumstances. But the day will come when we can stand before Christ, when we will see Him clearly just as He is, in all His glory. Nothing will be able to cloud the true and living Christ from our vision when we go to meet Him.

The good news is that we don't have to wait. Today, right now, we can see Him clearly through His Word! May God bless you with a "clear" passage.

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Somebody has his eyes on you,
Waiting to see if you are true;
Somebody's watching you today,
Listening to hear just what you say.

Someone will step in the footprints you make---
Be sure that the trail is narrow and straight,
Someone will walk in the pathway you trod---
Will it lead him upward and nearer to God?

It may be a child, it may be a man
Who is ready to stumble if you don't stand.
Be Careful then, lest you lead them astray,
You must follow the footsteps of Jesus alway.

You are helping or hindering---you cannot tell who
By the thing you say and the things you do.
For no man lives to himself alone,
Be sure then, to help lead that somebody HOME.