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Faith Is Faith!
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Ye are all the children of God by faith in Christ Jesus.
(Galatians 3:26)

The fatherhood of God is common to all his children. Ah! "Little-faith", you have often said, "Oh, If I just had the courage of "Great-heart", that I could "wield his sword" and be as "valiant as he!" But, No, I stumble at every "straw", and a shadow makes me afraid." Well, "Little-faith", "Great-heart" is God's child, and you're God's child too; and Great-heart is not one whit more God's child than you are. Peter and Paul, the highly-favoured apostles, were of the family of the Most High; and so are you also; the "weak" Christian is as much a child of God as the "strong" one.

"This cov'nant stands secure,
Though earth's old pillars bow;
The strong, the feeble, and the weak,
Are one in Jesus now."

All the names are in the same family register. One may have more grace than another, but God our heavenly Father has the same tender heart towards all. One may do more mighty works, and may bring more glory to his Father, but he whose name is the least in the kingdom of heaven is as much the child of God as he who stands among the King's mighty men. Let "this" cheer and comfort us, when we draw near to God and say, "Our Father."

Yet, while we're comforted by knowing this, let's not rest contented with weak faith, but ask, like the Apostles, to have it increased. However feeble our faith may be, if it be real faith in Christ, we'll reach heaven at last, but we'll be falling short in honoring our Master on our pilgrimage, and we'll be short on joy and peace. If then we would live to Christ's glory, and be happy in His service, let's seek to be filled with "the spirit of adoption" more and more completely, till perfect love shall cast out fear.

A Time Accepted

If there's one thing "Satan wants to destroy" above all others, it's the urgency of the gospel. Whereas the word declares, "... I have heard thee in a time accepted, and in the day of salvation have I succoured thee: behold now is the accepted time; behold, now is the day of salvation" (2 Cor. 6:2), Satan has a thousand ways to say, "There's no hurry; another time will do."

The scripture we just quoted clearly conveys several critical truths. One is: that there's a "time accepted" and a "day of salvation." No one can be saved at any other time. In the "day of salvation," God says, "I succoured thee." That's an old word meaning "helped." No one can be saved without God's active "help," and that's only available at a certain time.

Connected to all of this is the key word "now." "Now" for any individual is when God says, "Now." The only opportunity any man has to be saved is when God, by the Spirit draws near, pressing the claims of the gospel upon his heart as a result of an anointed ministry of the word. That's the accepted time. To say, "yes," at such a time---to surrender---is, with God's help, to enter into everlasting life. To say, "no," is to risk damnation. There's no guarantee He'll "call again".

A sinner is like a man drowning in the middle of a raging sea with no hope in himself of surviving. The gospel, anointed, alive with God's power, is His hand reaching out to the sinner. When the sinner, blind to his true condition, thrusts away God's mercy and the hand is withdrawn, what then?

When God ceases to strive, whether with an individual or with humanity as a whole, "it's over". Prayer at that point is useless. Consider Esau who despised his opportunity when he had it. Later he sought a place of repentance, realizing only then the value of what he had lost, but was rejected, "though he sought it carefully with tears." Heb. 12:17.

There'll be "a lot of praying" when Christ comes and "the world realizes its fate"---as was, no doubt, the case in Noah's day---but it'll be too late. Just as God closed the door to the ark prior to the flood, so will the door to His kingdom close forever, before His Son returns to gather home His own and "rain fire on this world".