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Jesus Himself
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"He expounded unto them in all the Scriptures the things concerning himself."
(Luke 24:27)

The two disciples on the road to Emmaus had a most profitable journey. Their companion and teacher was the best of tutors; the interpreter one of a thousand, in whom are hid all the treasures of wisdom and knowledge. The Lord Jesus condescended to become a preacher of the gospel, and He was not ashamed to exercise His calling before an audience of two persons, neither does He now refuse to become the teacher of even one. Let's "court the company" of so excellent an Instructor, for till He's made unto us wisdom, we shall never be wise unto salvation.

This unrivalled tutor used as His class-book, the best of books. Although able to reveal fresh truth, He preferred to expound the old. He knew by His omniscience what was the most instructive way of teaching, and by turning at once to Moses and the prophets, He showed us that the surest road to wisdom is not speculation, reasoning, or reading human books, but meditation upon the Word of God. The readiest way to be spiritually rich in heavenly knowledge is to dig in this "mine of diamonds", to gather pearls from this heavenly sea. When Jesus Himself sought to enrich others, He wrought in the quarry of Holy Scripture.

The favoured pair of disciples were led to consider the best of subjects, for Jesus spake of Jesus, and expounded the things concerning Himself. Here the "diamond cut the diamond", and what could be more admirable? The Master of the House unlocked His own doors, conducted the guests to His table, and placed His own dainties upon it. He who hid the treasure in the field Himself guided the searchers to it. Our Lord would naturally discourse upon the sweetest of topics, and He could find none sweeter than His own person and work: with an eye to these we should always search the Word. O for grace to study the Bible with Jesus as both our teacher and our lesson!

We're Monuments of God's Wealth

(Ephesians 2:4-8)

That He could love us when we were dead like Lazarus, in trespasses and sins; that He has linked us in the bonds of indissoluble union with his Son; that He had made it possible for us to share his Resurrection, his Triumph, and his Throne; that we, the poor children of earth and sin, should be admitted into the inner circle of Deity---this will be, to all eternity, the mightiest proof of the exceeding riches of his grace.

The word "exceeding" might be rendered "beyond throwing distance." Fling your thoughts forward as far as you can, and there will always be an immense beyond; throw them as high as you may, till they out soar the stars, and there will always be an above; let them sink for ever, and there will always be a beneath---in the exceeding riches of God's grace.

"The heavens declare the glory of God, and the firmament showeth his handiwork"; but the glory of the position and character of the saints, contrasted with the degradation from which they were raised, will be accounted in coming ages a more extraordinary exemplification of the riches of Divine grace than the splendour of the heavens is of the wealth of his skill.

Keeping Still Under Pressure

We're living in an age of high pressure. Pressure may come from "the devil", opposers, distressing circumstances, or be imaginary, which many times is the result of over-work, or physical depression. It's the business of Satan to use whatever he can to nag, perplex and insinuate. Though he's not "omniscient", doubtless he can, in a limited sense forsee a coming victory and he does all in his power to forestall the same.

Oh, that we could hold still at such times, when the tension and pressures are at the snapping point, always remembering that then, we're at the very threshhold of victory. The fierceness of the conflict means that it can't last long and the fact that "right must finally triumph" ought to be a guarantee that it will always pay to "stand still and see the salvation of the Lord."

It's certainly a fine point in grace as well as manners, to be able at such times, to keep a recollected mind and hold perfectly still,---not to say the sarcastic or reflecting word; not to talk unbelievingly or charge God foolishly; not to make rash vows or "become desperate," How may times has God's plan "been thwarted" by doing these things. How many times have impatient souls defeated their own good...yea, how many times have the best of souls become distracted and acted in such a way as to feel ashamed afterwards that they hadn't believed God more fully. Let's stop doing that!