by C. W. Naylor

"Heart Talks" has been selected as the "main feature" of this site: This site incorporates a volume of 59 confidential messages on the problems and duties of the Christian Life. These specially chosen messages are designed to comfort, encourage, strengthen and instruct all who are interested in growing in the grace of God and in the knowledge of Christ.

These spiritual talks cover a very wide range of topics and are written in a popular style, dealing with many phases of life and personal experience that have seemingly been neglected. I believe these messages will be of great value in a renewing of the mind, which is the need of every true believer. Each article is complete in itself, although the subject matter is generally relative in nature. The articles are pastoral in nature and have been blest of God in comforting, encouraging, strengthening and enlightening many souls. It is my earnest desire and trust in the Lord, that these messages from my heart to yours may be a continuing blessing from God.


These Heart Talks were written back in the early 1900's. And though I whole heartily agree with the Biblical principles presented...However, the author, sometimes states his personal understanding and / or convictions regarding certain portions of the Biblical 'standard.' I would like the reader, to know that I don't always agree 'perfectly' and so, likewise, extend to you, the reader, my consider with an honest, open mind and heart...receiving from the Holy Spirit, our teacher, what He chooses to teach each of us, personally.

Concerning the Author Foreword
What it means to Trust the Lord The Blessings of Dissatisfaction
Why I Believe the Old Book He Maketh Me to Lie Down
Blighted Blossoms Meeting the Lions
Egg-Shell Christians Two Ways of Seeing
Living Bible Heeding Intuitional Warnings
Doing Something Worthwhile Home Made Clouds
It Pleased the Lord Putting Clouds Over The Sun
What is Your Word Worth How to Keep Out of Trouble
What The Redbird Told ME What Old Bill could Not Do
Divine and Worldly Conformity Baptized with Fire
What to do with the Devil Waiting on the Lord
Three Necessary Rations A Retreat, or a Rout
My Dream Message When God Withdraws Himself
What Happened to Solomon Fighting the Good Fight of Faith
How are Your Ear Connections? Fret Not Thyself.
Being Easily Entreated Following "Whithersoever"
Paul's Persuasion In Christ and in Ephesus
The Practical Side of Religion Do You Need Patience
Stumbling Stones Or Stepping Stones Use What You Have
Where The Joy Is Blowing The Clouds Away
How To Fertilize Love How To Overcome Disappointments
The Big End Of Trouble Self-Made Barriers
How To Work God's Joy Machine Be Brave
But Jesus Sent Him Away Getting The Kernel
Two Sunsets The Sculptor's Work
The Helplessness of The Gospel He Careth For You
Three Test Of Love Two Ways Of Rising
Getting Even Do You Know Yourself
Balkers Sponges and Watering Cans
The Final Retrospect END


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