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The Threshing Of Babylon
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“He will thoroughly purge his floor and gather his wheat into his barn and will burn up the chaff with unquenchable fire, and his fan is in he hand.” Now, let’s turn back to the old threshing machine, where they threw the wheat in. The first thing that happened was, that the bundle of wheat went through the shaking stage. It shook and shook and when it got back there, the chaff was shaken loose from the wheat and the chaff was sill laying round it and it reached the back end and the fan was going and the wind blew the chaff away, and when it got the chaff blown away, it shot the wheat out into the bags.

That’s just exactly what the Gospel will do! The first thing it will do is to shake the wheat loose and then, one needs to be rid of the chaff. What’s the chaff? The chaff is that which grips the kernels. It takes a good machine to separate it. It’s the flesh, the human ways. The chaff must be burnt up, and the wheat, go into the bags. God says, Son of man, I have given you a sharp threshing instrument. Thresh old Babylon and get the wheat out of her. Where do we thresh? God spoke of His threshing floor. Where is that? It’s right in the congregations. What was the temple built on? What was Solomon’s temple built on?

God told David to go on up the hill to Ornan’s threshing floor and when he got there, he was threshing. Ornan did not want to sell it. He said “I am threshing”. But God had said for David to buy the threshing floor. So David said, “God wants it and sent me here.” The Scripture says David paid full price for it. He killed the oxen that were being used to tread out the wheat and offered a sacrifice to God and God said, “I want the temple built on this floor.” Why? It‘s a type. The Church is where we “thresh”. It seems there’s been everything going on in the church except threshing. But God has his fan in his hand. What is His fan? His ministry!

The Seven stars were in Christ’s hand. God still stands ready to gather His wheat into the barn or into the Church. And He will burn up the chaff, but He needs a preacher to fan the two apart. This thing of letting sinners feel that they are a part of the congregation of the righteous is not God’s plan. David in his first Psalm said a sinner couldn’t stand in the congregation of the righteous. Many have taken the Scripture wrong, and say that we must not be righteous people, because there are sinners in our midst and they don’t get saved. We want all the sinners to come to services---that will come. Sinners are the material we have, to make saints out of, for you can’t make saints out of hypocrites or professors. You have to have sinners, to make saints. What did David mean when he said a sinner could not stand in the congregation of the righteous? The sinners can come in and sit in our midst and feel welcome and at home. But when the man of God gets up with a measuring rod and begins to thresh, he divides the congregation then and there.

Every saint knows he is a saint, and every sinner knows he’s a sinner, and the congregation is divided by the Word of God and the sinner, feels out of all hope and alone. You want him to know that you love him and you want him to feel at home, yet the preaching of the truth has separated him and he knows he’s not a saint. This thing of taking in all kinds of people and swallowing them up and making them feel that they are a part of the church, again, is not God’s plan. The true message of the Church, will separate the saints from the sinners and the sinner will know that he cannot stand among the saints and feel righteous and worthy. That’s God threshing machine.

It’s sad to see when you travel over the country, it’s hard on professors. We still have the Pharisees and Sadducees. When John saw them in the baptismal line he said: you say you’re Abraham’s seed but you are the sons of serpents. We run into people all over the country that are like the scribes and Pharisees, or the religious professors. When I go to hold meetings sometimes, they come up to shake hands. They tell me they’ve been in the church for years. However, that has nothing to do with it. That won’t work. There are no great grand children in the church. The 12 chapter of the Revelation informs us that there was no place found for them---when the Word of God is turned loose and begins to pound and the wind begins to blow, there’s no place found for them

Paul, in the 19th chapter of Acts, went down to Ephesus and the power of the dragon was strong there, for the city was wholly given to idolatry. They worshipped Diana, the Goddess; and the dragon was there. Who, or what did Paul mean when he said he wrestled with the beast of Ephesus? He fought false ministers down there in that idolatrous city. Paul started to preach the Gospel---that God was not a God worshipped with hands. He was not made of wood and stone, but in him we live and move and have our being. Demetrius got so stirred up because he thought Paul would put him out of business, so he had a big celebration and got all the worshippers out with their images and they walked the streets for two hours saying “Great is the Goddess, Diana.” When they got though, Paul took the pulpit and preached on the corner; and the Word of God grew and prevailed. The stone was smiting the image and they brought their books of curious arts and false teachings and burned them, and the Word of God grew and prevailed and there was, in time, no place found for paganism.

When the Gospel truth is turned loose, there’s no place found for the false belief that had bound men. If you are sure that the false teaching of the millennium is right, let the stone pound on it for a while. When truth is rightly divided, there’s no place found for manmade creeds and doctrines. You cannot find any place for it in the Word of God---in either the Old or the New Testaments. [ The End ]

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