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The following articles have been selected to provide you, dear reader, with interesting and challenging subjects for your consideration. You will find that much contained herein, varies with traditional teachings and beliefs. However, it is my 'burden' to encourage as many as will, to honestly consider with an open heart and mind...then, trusting the Holy Spirit to teach each one as HE WILLS. =)


***NEW ARTICLE!!! (4/6/02)...However, A WARNING NOTE: This new aritcle ("pamphlet") entitled: TAKEN IN BY "LEFT BEHIND"?, is being shared...Kindly, Lovingly and with respect to the creators/writers of the "LEFT BEHIND" series and movie etc. And though I personally agree with the conclusions of the following article, Heart to Heart desires to share this with open-hearted and open-minded brothers and sisters in Christ as an encouragement to consider the validity of the contents.



EPHESIANS: A Map to Your Incredible Future

What Is Man?

The True Purpose Of Life

The Moral State Of Man

How To Find God

The Christian Life

SIN...Well, What About It?

SIN...Well, What About It?--Continued

Principles Of Divine Law

How To Walk To Please God

Adorning The Doctrine

Fellowship With God

Human Fellowship

The Transformation Of Divine Energy

Our Natural Propensities

Our Natural Propensities--Continued

Meddling With The Scales

Acceptable Service

Providences And Circumstances

Remaking Ourselves



Spiritual Retrogression

Backsliding And Fainting

The Crucified Life

Three Spiritual Elements



How To Count

Excerpts from A. W. Tozer

Since You Live But Once

Parallel Lectures On The Seven Parables Of The Kingdom And Seven Churches Of Asia

Revelation...God's Great Disclosure...Part One

Revelation...God's Great Disclosure...Part two

The Seven Churches Of Asia...Part One of Two

The Church...Well, What About It? [ Part 1 of 15 ]

A Rule For Testing Theology

The Truth About The Millennium

What Happened To The Rapture?

Israel's Night

The Church That Jesus Built

The Exclusiveness Of The Church

The Unity Of The One And Only True Church

The Equality Of The Apostolic Ministry

Looking For The AntiChrist?

The Great Tribulation

A Night With The Family

Is God The Author Of Evil?

What About Speaking In Tongues?

Well, what about them?...WOMEN?

Tithing...Well, What About It?

An Open Letter To Any Minister Teaching..."The Jews Is Israel"

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