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This religious world's much confused on the question of the church, and ever has been since the early church apostatized, and the true church lost sight of in obscurity, during the dark ages of the twelve hundred years of dark Roman, or Pagan rule.

Since the powers of darkness ruled in those days, there was no room for the Word of God, or His Spirit to lead or teach. As some grew tired of human, or Pagan slavery, their souls began to long after freedom in the Lord. Jesus said, "Blessed are they which do hunger and thirst after righteousness, for they shall be filled." He began to reveal to a Roman Catholic monk or priest, the truth of the Word of God, "The just shall live by faith." As sure as one receives light on the way of salvation, so sure will they encounter opposition. Christ was never popular, and never will be. He is as adverse to the spirit of man and the world, as is light to darkness in the material world.

Now we, in this day and age of the world, see opposition in united forces in greater power against God's truth, yet these truth fighters hold on to the name of God or Christ (in word of mouth only), and deny Him in the reality of life, Isaiah 4: 1. God has been trying faithfully, since the day when Martin Luther made his escape from Pagan Roman rule, to bring back the truth of the precious church of the apostolic age. At that time the fire of God fell on ALL of them, and the Holy Ghost was the ONE recognized leader of this living Body of THE CHURCH. Little by little, God has entrusted truth to hungry hearts in all ages and some have been true to go tell it to others. Some have lost their lives because of their firm stand. Let's get this: THE TRUTH OF GOD IS ANTAGONISTIC TO THE SPIRIT OF THIS WORLD, AND THIS TAKES IN WORLDLY RELIGION ALSO.

The plan of salvation is in no way confusing; for Jesus said, a little child shall lead them. Isa. 35: 8-10 tells us, a wayfarer though a fool shall not err therein. Jesus said to those He called "Follow me." He also said, learn of me and you shall find rest unto your soul. This is the hunger of hearts who are under conviction. Only men have made the plan of God so complex and confusing. God never meant it to be so. In the same way, this applies to His church. Jesus said to Peter, and the others, as they declared their faith in Him, "Upon THIS ROCK (the mutual faith of Christ and His children) I WILL BUILD MY CHURCH." Only as His people exercise living faith in Him to His approval, can He reveal, HIS CHURCH.

Since the dark ages was broken and light began to be revealed as man was able to accept it (or his heart was open to truth), God has dispelled darkness, and light has shined. However man seemed to sit down in a state of self complacency, and began to devise and seek his own additions to what God had shown him, thus covering up the truth of God with man-made ideas and traditions of others, until today we have thousands of organizations of a religious brand. All of these claim to be a part of the Church, which "nothing is farther from the truth"(?) Paul tells us in I Cor. 1: 10, "I beseech (or beg) YOU BRETHREN by the name of our Lord Jesus Christ (what a plea), THAT YE ALL SPEAK THE SAME THING, THAT THERE BE NO DIVISIONS AMONG YOU." Brethren, speaking and clinging to diverse doctrines, IS THE CAUSE OF DIVISIONS, of whatever name we have taken on ourselves to go under. Furthermore, Paul says to be PERFECTLY joined TOGETHER IN the same mind, and the same judgment. What scripture could be more clear and easy to read and obey, if God rules our life as He has designed to do in HIS church.

The trouble is, men have lost the vision of God's truth, and as in Jer. 2: 13, "My people have committed two evils; THEY HAVE FORSAKEN ME (God) the fountain of LIVING WATERS AND HEWN THEM OUT CISTERNS, broken cisterns, that can hold NO WATER." Do you see why we have such a confused condition, and deadness of religion today?? You and I can never make it to glory, unless we drink of that fountain of LIVING WATER, only to be found by perfect obedience to, and faith in the God of heaven and earth. Try all of men's systems and drink of their cisterns, and your soul will die of stagnation sure as you live. Study the great contrast of a flowing fountain, and a cistern, especially if it be broken. Won't you exchange this dangerous cistern for THE FOUNTAIN FLOWING SO FREE?

I am trying to show the great contrast between man-rule and the true Church, ruled by the Holy Spirit as God meant it to be. Many cry out, this can never be; it's hard to discern in the minds of men. Lose your will in His, and give yourself to prayer, and the study of God's Word, and I declare by God's Word and personal experience, you'll have a vision that will fill your soul with love and grace you've never dreamed of. Many are professing in places...professing to be the Church, where the leaders can't/don't rightly divide the word of truth and give out a clear distinction of the great wide chasm there is, between God's Church of the New Testament, and churches of men. No man-rule sect is any part of God's church. These have nothing in common with it as it is clearly set forth in the WORD OF GOD. It's quite late to teach it to this generation of children, but we've sadly failed on this. I doubt if there are even a few Sunday School teachers in these local groups, that can define the difference in an understandable way. Dear ones, this is a sad state of affairs, we should plead with God to make us teachers instead of educated preachers. 0 how we need teachers of the WORD of God in true Bible doctrine from the mouth of God. If it's God's church, He's there.


First let's say, it's not non-sectarian, non-denominational, not interdenominational. It's The Church (anti-denominational; anti-sectarian). Is there a line of demarcation between God's church and the churches of man? Let's see what God has to say by the mouth of the apostles and prophets, as to the foundation and builder and material used, and how it's built.

It's an organic structure, because it's founded on a living foundation; it can't be moved, added to, or taken from, or changed in any capacity. Even thus far, we see it's not an organization as sect churches are; for His church is built upon the foundation of the apostles and prophets, with Jesus Christ being the chief corner stone (Eph. 2: 19-22). It has perfect eternal stability, for it's founded upon a rock, and the gates of hell shall not prevail against it. Because Jesus is the builder, He uses living stones in this building, I Pet. 2: 5, not a sand stone in her. No carnality.

The Lord adds the members to His church, Acts 2: 47, not a sinner can get in until, through repentance and living faith, he becomes a lively stone. Psa. 1: 5, "Sinners shall not stand in the congregation of the righteous. Isa. 33: 14, declares that sinners are afraid in Zion (type of the church). ALSO he says that FEARFULNESS WILL SURPRISE THE HYPOCRITES.

Do you wanna know why there's such a mixture today? God's righteous judgments are NOT going forth before the congregation. They're afraid of losing money(?) and numbers(?). Oh how inferior are such practices of men. Spiritual convictions are needed. Let's God for a real clear vision of truth, that we might be able to discern the glorious Church, and see the children of God who are scattered in divisions, fleeing to the one body, and to the unity of the faith, once delivered to the Saints. Oh that man might be under the holy fear of God, free from the creeds of men, and find their place in the body of Christ, where love constrains our service, and our giving. Where love reigns...no need for pressing an offering envelope into hands, and checking it to see if a tenth is given. God wants us to give willingly, for God loves a cheerful giver. Where love reigns...no need to coerce or beg, for God's able to supply every need, as we walk hand in hand with Him on the highway of His holiness.

The Church then, is most surely not an organization, but is an organic structure with eternal life. Its builder and maker are eternal. Jesus said, "I am the way, the truth, and the life, no man can come to the Father, but by me." Since He is life, His church is a live structure; and needs not the help of the creeds of man to add anything to it, read Revelation 22: 18-20. Oh that we could get men to fear God, and keep His commandments of love, in willing obedience to the Word.

Not withstanding the fact that God has brought great blessings to many through great men in the sectarian world, because of their devotion and love to Him and lost souls, we still declare, sect religion is not God's plan for His people to work under for a lost world. Wouldn't it be a wonderful witness for Christ to have seen God's people all working together in ONE faith, belonging to one body, while others go on their way in divisions? Only God sees the loss of eternity bound souls this has caused. The strife and confusion, and the deceptions many are in today, are because of this. God's children are of one family, and should exhibit this to a lost world needing a safe retreat from sins stormy way, as these go into all the world and preach Christ and His gospel.

Paul says, we're living epistles known and read of all men. We're a spectacle or gazing stock unto the world. What a pitiful sight it is. They saw eye to eye in the morning church, because all were given over to the Spirit's control and leadership. It could be so again if men would do more living and less talking. Our God is still able; and He loves people yet today. The Holy Ghost is just as able to lead us into all truth, but men refuse, and evil spirits take over, while men sit in a daze and wish it were different, but can't be aroused to fervent prayer. Yet God's greatest institution remains pure, covered by the blood of His only Son, waiting for our heart-felt allegiance to her law of love.

Again, the Church's not nonsectarian, but (anti-sectarian); always was, and always will be, but it has in its fold every blood washed, and holy person. The Church is a militant and triumphant force to save the lost in all the world. Her builder and keeper is God. Devils and men have no part in her. She is pure, holy, harmless, and undefiled




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